What Do YOU See?

My family and I are blessed – and I know that; but, in a world where people struggle to make ends meet, with three little kids, we are no stranger to living paycheck to paycheck…and we are not exempt from normal, everyday life things happening  … like cars breaking down. OFTEN. So, we set out on a journey to trade in my husband’s “beloved able-to-seat-only-two-people (three at the most … and have some mental peace) man truck” that he LOVED for another vehicle that would fit all of our family … because he’s often had to come to my rescue when our only family car broke down. So, we set out looking for … ugh … dare I EVEN utter the words … A MINIVAN. I said I would NEVER. Lol. But, the reality is, at some point, my three littles will grow into 3 bigs and will have smelly sports gear and friends and will not want to be all sitting on top of each other in a single row in an SUV.

I scoured the internet, sending a gazillion email inquiries about this van, that van, and was getting BOMBARDED, my phone CONSTATLY ringing and dinging with notifications of emails, voicemails – even TEXTS (ohhhh the car dealers know how to TRULY reach me!). Now, here’s the thing … new cars, I love; new car payments make me NERVOUS. We were trading in my husband’s truck because it was the only one out of our two vehicles with ANY equity at all. We’ve had REALLY bad luck with cars in the past, and so, as silly as it *may* seem, I was praying all along that God lead us to the right car, the right “deal” and had the attitude of “if it’s meant to be, it will all work out.” I REFUSED to be stressed over this. After finding many “duds,” (car shopping is NOT for the faint of heart, people!) Finally, I’d found it … what seemed like the perfect van. A beautiful Honda Odyssey – just basic, no bells and whistles, but well kept, low mileage, and it was a Honda and aren’t they supposed to run until the end of eternity?

Late one evening, we test drove it … fell. In. love. THIS was “it.” We went in to talk “business” … they offered us an amount for the beloved man truck … it was ok, but not great; they offered a $1,000 more and by that time, the dealership was closing, so we said we’d sleep on it. I really did give this to God from the very beginning, so I felt peace about whatever would happen. Knowing from my research, the truck held its value and was selling on lots for considerably more than what we owed, the next morning, I called the dealership and asked for the payoff of the truck as part of the deal – I didn’t even make it a contingency to getting the deal done – and Woody, the very kind salesman, said he liked my family enough to make that happen. I literally cried on the phone. I thanked him profusely and told him what a blessing he just gave to my family.

Here’s the thing … when I hung up the phone with him, my immediate thought was, “Thank You, God. You care about us, even in the most trivial things … you care about the details of our lives, and You are our Provider” (Ps. 37:23, “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”) … but then, my secondary thought was, “Now, how can WE be a blessing to Woody? What can WE do to BLESS HIM?” You see, when you are a Christ Follower, your ENTIRE MINDSET changes from “what can I get out of this for me?” to “what can I GIVE?”

Our church has been “Living the Purple” … a concept that will live on long after the current sermon series is over. We have done appreciation dinners for our firemen, our policemen, and most recently, for our city workers. We are having the Easter Eggstravaganza and inviting our community; we currently have a missions team serving in Mexico. Those may seem extravagant to you, and you may feel like you can’t possibly make a difference in just your little world …. BUT YOU CAN. God has placed you in the “world” YOU live in because there are people around you that only YOU can reach. What do YOU see as you look around …..are you of the mindset of seeing people as those needy of a love only GOD can give them – THROUGH YOU? Small things done with GREAT LOVE can make a HUGE impact.  I challenge you THIS week to 3 small acts done with GREAT LOVE – in order to show the love of God … show the world that we LIVE what we BELIEVE! LIVE THE PURPLE!

Be a blessing,


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