It’s Okay. Daddy Can Fix It!

I can remember as a very young boy going into my grandfather’s workshop. There were tools and wood all around. But what I can still remember is the piles of very fine sawdust and the smell of fresh sawdust.

My dad also had a workbench in the basement of our house as I grew up. My dad was of the generation that you made or fixed everything you could as you couldn’t afford to have someone else do it. I would use those tools whenever I could just to get the feel for them. I realized the value of taking care of your tools (i.e. chisels are never to be used as screwdrivers- go figure). My dad would take a broken shelf or toy to his workshop and then bring it out repaired and ready to be used again. It was like magic.

As I grew – my workshop became important to me as well. I have built furniture, numerous crafts, gifts, ornaments, animal cages, pinewood derby cars and the like over the years. I have fixed numerous toys and items around the house. I lived to hear my kids say, “It’s okay. Daddy can fix it!”

Through his work at his workbench, my dad taught me the ways of God and the life of prayer. Like a child with a broken toy, when we pray, we take our broken lives and lift them up to the edge of the Father’s workbench. We give him our lives and trust that he will do wondrous things with it. “It’s okay. Daddy can fix it!”

In a world where so much is disposable, we tend not to treasure the things that God has given to us. Let us never forget to take the broken pieces of our lives and place them in the hands of the One who created us and continues to prefect us. Nothing is too great for the Father’s Workbench.

May your lives be strengthened and renewed as you let “Daddy fix it!”

Pastor Dennis

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