We’re All in This Together!

Does God ever give you the same message over and over again? I have been on a journey over the last couple of years to discern God’s call on my life. The continuous message I received from God was to “Be Still.” This message has been sent to me by friends, shown up in my news feed, been a part of my devotionals. It has been a constant message that God has laid on my heart; a message to be still in His presence. Taking the time to do this reveals so much in our lives. When I am still, I hear His plan; when I am still, I hear His call; when I am still, I feel His presence.  

About twelve years ago, without realizing it, this is the same message God was putting on my heart. I was seeking Him, and looking for purpose. I found a lot of that by stepping foot into the Purple Door Church. One of the things I love the most about being part of a church, a community of Christ, is the family that you receive. Some of the most important people in my life are those in my church family.  

These people lift me up, cover me in prayer, laugh with me, cry with me and share in life with me. I am thankful that God gave me gifts that I could use to serve in the church and serve our community. Knowing those gifts gave me the ability to plug in and be a part of something bigger. It gave me an opportunity to meet those people that mean so much to me. I encourage you to seek God’s guidance, to understand your gifts and use them for His kingdom. Surround yourself with a family that will always be with you. Be a part of something greater, as you have been hearing, this is our time. Stand up and live the purple!  

 I want to encourage you to get plugged in, be present and share your gifts in your church. Do life together, share in your journey together, rally around one another. Be a community of believers that sees the big picture and what God is calling you to do.

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