What’s Your Gift to Give?

The Purple Door church gave its first Purple Door Paint Night this month for the benefit of Gunnar Parrill of Grove City who is in stage four cancer.  The church and community rallied around Gunner and his family and shared their gifts of art.  I am a portrait artist and I had the opportunity to lead seventy plus artists in creating spectacular paintings and had a fabulous time praising and worshiping through the creation of art, music, food, Zumba dancing and plenty of fellowship.

In searching for your gifts and purpose, include others. Your gifts, when shared with others, will emphasize personal growth, contribute to your community & build meaningful relationships. The most important thing you will find, in search for your gifts, is who you are and what capabilities you have. In serving others with your gifts, you receive great happiness and pleasure. There are few blessings greater than finding and sharing your gifts and purpose.

It took “a village” of staff, volunteers and donations from local businesses to be a blessing to Gunnar and his family.  The next Purple Door Paint Night will be June 29 to promote another worthy cause.


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