What is Hope Over Heroin?

Tonight I had the pleasure of going to the Ohio Theater to see a performance. One of the characters in the show is known by others as someone that wants to make a difference and truly believes that she CAN make that difference.

When I think about our faith in Christ, I am reminded by this idea that we can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens us. I am reminded that we can make a difference, we are called to make difference and Christ gives us the tools we need to make that difference.

Each and every one of us struggles with something, are challenged by something and through Christ, can find the strength to overcome those things. God has given each one of us gifts and passion and when we combine those two things and rely on Him there is no limit to what we can do.  Have you ever thought about what you could accomplish if you aligned your gifts and passions? Have you ever wondered what you could overcome if you were all in for a cause?

There are so many examples I could share of people using their gifts and passions, but one specific and relevant example that currently comes to mind is Hope Over Heroin. This organization is coming together because people were passionate about rallying against this epidemic, and they all found their gifts to come along and make it happen. Heroin is a growing problem in the world, the country and our very own community.  Hope Over Heroin is a group of churches coming together to make an impact against the epidemic, but more importantly bringing HOPE to those who are struggling with the addiction and those who are overcoming it. This organization is planning their big event for August. Our next paint night in June will benefit this cause, I encourage you to plug in and be a part of this event, especially if this is something you are passionate about.

I want to challenge you this upcoming week to think about your gifts, and I encourage you not to just say you don’t know what they are. Truly think about what you do well, think about where your strengths lie; then think about your passions: what is that one thing that you want to change or make better? The youth will be talking in the services this Sunday, and in previewing their talks, I am reminded to DREAM BIG, and I hope you will leave services thinking something similar. NO DREAM IS TOO BIG WHEN GOD IS WITH YOU!!!


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