We Take Vacations … God Doesn’t!

I so cannot wait until we go on vacation!

Not sure much more needs to be said than that. The days progress, work is done, home and family cared for, the routine accomplished. The change of vacation is awesome and we usually think quite well deserved. I’ve been thinking about this for very many days as it has been quite a while since our last vacation.

As I was considering this and literally counting down the days (22, and at this writing that translates to 534 hours in case you were wondering), a thought crossed my mind. Many will go on vacation this summer…perhaps for a week or two, or maybe a long weekend or a couple days here and there. While we are on vacation, and/or not on vacation our God is NEVER on vacation! God is always with us: “And remember I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Jesus, Matthew 28:20b)

Always. Webster defines always as:”at all times, invariably, forever.” There you have it – ALWAYS! That’s when our God is available to you! No vacation, no time off. Always.

So whatever your days may bring and wherever they may take you, take comfort as you go with God!

Tom Danklefsen, Church Administrator

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