Hope in Your Next Steps

Are you allowing God to guide your steps?  Have you given Him control in your life?  Are you spending time in prayer when you don’t feel you have the answers?

I spent the last 7 days away from my family, following God’s plan for my life. It was HARD. I missed my children, I missed my husband and I was completely out of my comfort zone. God called me to work through this process of becoming a licensed local pastor, ME. I sat in a room full of pastors, who really knew there stuff. Pastors who seemed to be so far beyond where I was.

Satan attempted to distract me, he tried pulling me away from my purpose. But recently, more than ever, I have been putting my hope in Christ. My hope comes from Him. Not from anything else.  And I know that He called me to this journey for a purpose. That HE has a plan for me, HE has a purpose for me.

This process has reminded me to be obedient, to listen and to be still in His presence. I encourage you this week, no matter what you are going through – let God guide your steps. Let God have control. Spend time in prayer, LOTS of time in prayer. And put your hope in Him. Because I promise you, He can do anything through anyone of us when we respond to His call.


One thought on “Hope in Your Next Steps

  1. Angelaloaro says:

    You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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