Good Intentions Lead to Nothing … Without ACTION!

I just cleaned my desk. With that one sentence, I will have a stream of staff, led by my wife, who will come to see it for themselves in disbelief.

If I were a bird, I would be the Pile-ated Work-Picker. Yup, I organize by piles. As I get mail or periodicals, if it doesn’t need immediate attention, I will place it carefully, neatly on my desk for later attention. The problem is that later brings it’s own need for attention and there things lay. Now, I do need to say that I don’t lose things, nor do I miss deadlines. Again, carefully and neatly are the items placed on my desk so I know right where they are. I can access them at anytime as I need them.

However, my particular “system” does look messy and disorganized. Today’s cleaning was ruthless – if I haven’t gotten to it and I likely will not, out is goes. I think I noticed a periodical I intended to read with a 2013 date on it. No, I’m not really proud of that.

My good intentions have led to many piles on my desk over the years. Sometimes I do go back and accomplish those intentions. Mostly, I do not. So  – I’m starting fresh and clean – we’ll see how this attempt goes.

I’m wondering if this rings any bells as regards our faith-life? Are there those things that we need to be about or become that require some effort that we set aside for later, and later doesn’t show up. (My pile of periodicals, by the way, was over a foot high) Are there Scriptures to be read, prayers to be prayed, services to attend, gifts (time, talent, treasure) and service to be shared? Our God calls us to faithfulness now, each day, all the time. No delay, no later! The good news is that in Jesus, the cleanup has happened once and for all! Your sins are forgiven and you are now a pure child of our God! Good news. Ours is to live faithfully each day and not clutter our lives up apart from Jesus.

Now, where is that dust cloth?

Tom Danklefsen, Church Administrator

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