This has been an interesting spring. Fortunately, there was very little, if any, snow shoveling that had to be done! But also, because of that, the trees and plants came out a bit early and the pollen levels have been some of the highest I remember. The way I can tell is by the frequency with which I want to gouge my itchy eyes right out of my head!

For me, though, it really has been an inconvenience. I am not debilitated or ill because of the pollen, but boy, is it unpleasant!

That got me thinking about living life in general. We can be going merrily on our way and all of a sudden, it seems, life gets complicated, irritating, unpleasant and inconvenient. Things happen, changes occur, a loss, a transfer, an illness, something unexpected; we never know what will show up. And then we’re in it and we somehow have go press forward and make it work.

My pollen-itchy eyes sure do appreciate a good rain! It seems that the rain knocks down the pollen level and brings at least a temporary relief.

So too the shower of blessing from our God, to wash over us with God’s grace, peace, forgiveness and assurance that we are accompanied and sustained on this journey. That can come in moments of prayer and devotion, through worship, in sharing of the burden with another, walking together in faith and the love of Jesus. The blessings are rich and plentiful. Remember to enjoy them daily, and enjoy this beautiful creation our God has given us!

Thomas D. Danklefsen

Church Administrator