Wow, what a whirlwind Vacation Bible School is.  It’s exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.  Simply look at a volunteer’s face and you will see evidence of these emotions.  They look like they could fall asleep standing up, but they are so excited to talk about what happened.  VBS is one of our opportunities as an entire church to share Christ’s love.  We have over 90 volunteers, many people praying and tons of donated items to accomplish just that.  To say we are thankful for the commitment is an understatement.

We heard many stories of how the children and youth felt God’s love.  We saw it in the little girl that prayed in front of all of her peers although she was nervous; we saw it in the 2nd graders who wanted to learn more about Jesus loving them rather than playing the game that went with the story; we saw it in the preteen class that had a large number of students on the edge of the seat to commit their lives to Christ.  More than just our children and youth, we saw it in the volunteers who said VBS is their favorite week of the year.  We saw it in the firefighters that the youth went to visit – they simply couldn’t wait to give a tour of the entire building.  We saw it in the intense discussions of the adult class.  We saw it in the group of people cooking meals, who simply just have fun during VBS.  And I KNOW we will see it when the bags are delivered to the Red Cross.  LOVE is present at VBS, and for that, we are thankful.  Our purpose is to reach people for the glory of God.  I am sure God is telling us “well done.”

VBS is one powerful week, let’s continue to give God the glory year round and show His love all the time.  There are so many amazing ways you can all do that, and we challenge you to step up and say yes to God’s nudging, because from that nudge you can have some of the amazing stories to share too.  When God calls you – say YES – don’t miss it!