My wife and I are slightly behind the times when it comes to movies.  However, this is quickly changing!  Just the other day we left behind Netflix and subscribed to a satellite TV service.  One of the biggest surprises has been how many movies are available to us! 

Admittedly, our home DVR is already full to the brim with sitcoms, movies, and HGTV house renovations… LOTS of HGTV house renovations.  I have a feeling this will come in handy once the twins are born! 

One of the movies we finally sat down and watched was the movie War Room.  I had heard about this movie many times from our congregation and friends.  One of the members of our congregation even let me borrow the movie, but alas Kelly and I hadn’t taken time to sit and watch a movie.  Until last night. 

If you haven’t seen the movie, I will not share any spoilers, so read on without worry [Symbol]   

It is a powerful movie.  A heart changing movie.  It makes you think but more than anything else, it makes you want to pray. 

Prayer is the biggest theme of the movie.  Prayer is shown not just to be a last minute resort to crises, but a lifestyle that changes everything.  In fact, the main characters create a room in their house called the “War Room” where prayer, scripture, and searching for God are the only things allowed. 

As I watched the movie there was a thought that kept coming back in my head over and over.  The idea of a War Room is not just in a movie screenplay to me.  It was a real room I had encountered before. 

When I served as a pastor of a church in Florence, KY there was an older family in our church that were the most godly people I have ever known.  One day they invited me over to their house.  I accepted the offer and enjoyed an afternoon of tea, family pictures, and stories.  At some point in the conversation I asked about a room I had heard about.  Their faces lit up in smiles and the man walked me over to what looked like a coat closet by the front door.  He opened the door and inside was their prayer room.  He explained to me that he and his wife prayed every morning and evening in this room since they had built house… 50 something years ago!  That’s right, they built their own house and in their blueprint was a room devoted to prayer.  The kneeling pad was well worn.  The Bible that was in their well worn.  There must have been many candles that had burned over those many years. 

I’ll never forget that moment.  The feeling that washed over me is impossible to put into words.  I was encountering a very real tangible example of a lifetime of faithfulness.  It felt like there ware little hand warmers all over my body and I stood their amazed and speechless.   

I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered such faithfulness, but when you do, it is impossible to forget.  What would it look like for you and your family to be faithful in prayer?   

Make room, Make time, Make it a priority.   

If you feel like you don’t know how to pray, come have a conversation with one of the pastors.  We would love to get you started on a lifetime of prayer.