High Anxiety


Nope, I am not reviewing the 1977 movie by Mel Brooks.  I am referring to how I felt this past July and into August.  You see on July 7, my daughter Allie got married.  Planning the wedding was fun and exciting. This is something that I had been looking forward to since the day she was born.  Helping her pick out her dress, flowers, music, venue….you get the picture.  I was so excited for her and Zach to be starting their life together as man and wife, but also anxious. My baby girl was getting married and moving out of the house.  But I kept telling myself she won’t be far away.  She would get a teaching job nearby, he was working in Grove City, they would find a house close by to make their home. Then it happened BAM!  Allie got a call the day of the wedding rehearsal that put me over the edge.  The call was from a high school in Florida offering her a job.

Allie graduated from college in May and had been applying for teaching positions all around Columbus and the state of Ohio.  She went on interview after interview and it was getting to be very depressing to her when she would receive the email that said “We are sorry but we have chosen another candidate”. Her certification is in an area that is pretty limited, Integrated Language Arts 7-12.  So, she started to look outside of Ohio.  I kept praying “Lord, please bring Allie a job in Ohio”.  She kept praying too. But her prayer was “Lord place me where you want me to be.  If it’s not in Ohio that’s ok, I just want to teach”.

So five days after their honeymoon, Allie, her brother Ben, my friend Melissa and I packed up two cars and headed to Florida.  Zach had to stay behind to finish his time with his job.  She had to be there by August 1st for new hire orientation and new teacher meetings.  It was a whirlwind trip.  My emotions were all over the place.  Happy about Allie getting a job.  Sad, she and Zach are so far away.  Worried, will they be safe down there without me.  Tears upon many tears I shed because I was leaving my baby in a place that I wasn’t going to be.  The anxiety built up as we inched closer to Florida.I became a basket case.  But this is what happened that made me realize God put Allie right where He wanted her and everything would be alright:

  • Allie’s Job – You see the job that was offered to Allie is one that doesn’t come around very often. She will teach 12th grade English AND be the Drama Director. God knew that my daughter’s passions are reading, writing and theatre.
  • Karen – My sister in-laws best friend who lives in the city where Allie will be teaching. You see we had never met Karen until my sister in-law’s funeral three years ago.  Karen became like another Aunt to my kids.  She offered for Allie and Zach to stay with her until they find a place of their own.  What a blessing she is to all of us.
  • Patti – In trying to get our plans together of where Melissa, Ben and I were going to stay that was fairly cheap, I remembered that my cousin had a vacation house down close to where Allie was going to be.  I contacted her and asked on short notice if we could stay there.  She said absolutely.  Of course, she and her family had just come back up to Ohio, but she said the house was all ours for our stay.  Well, when we got there, it just so happened that my cousins house was only 5 minutes to Karen’s house.  God is good.

So, to end this very long blog, I want to say this.  I was stressing out over things I could not control.  God had it all under control.  If I would have just stressed Jesus more, I would have had a lot less stress.  When I try and figure things out myself and not rely on God, my anxiety and stress go way overboard to the point I am a basket case.  So, stress Jesus and I guarantee you will have less stress.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Kelli Newhouse