The Icy Road

When you grow up in Georgia, no one ever teaches you how to drive on ice.  Basically, if there is an inch of snow in Atlanta, the whole town shuts down!  How to drive in the cold is probably one of my greatest learnings as an adult.  In both Kentucky and now Ohio, I have had ample practice with these skills.  The fact that my car is a little 2-door Toyota Celica doesn’t do me any favors: lightweight, front wheel drive, and itty-bitty.  I really probably should upgrade my car!

I remember the first time I slid out on the ice very vividly.  One minute you’re driving completely in control – the next minute you can only stare as the car slides sideways.  Fortunately for me, the car regained control before going off the road.

Last week I was driving to work on one of our bad icy days.  It was a day that was well below freezing and the melted snow had turned to ice.  I was very cautious that day.  Taking corners at a snail’s pace and not going above 25mph even on the straightaways.

On this day, I turned from Galloway Road onto Alkire as normal.  I went up the small hill and had just levelled out by the golf course.  It was then that I caught a sight I was totally unprepared for in that moment.  Coming straight at me was a hearse.  However, not just a hearse but a whole funeral procession!  The road this day was so bad that there was only one lane open due to the winter weather.  In a split second, I realized I had nowhere to go.  The hearse was coming and the only thought that I could think of was, “Ironic, death is literally coming for me.”

It is rare moments like these where suddenly you get complete clarity in life.  My mortality was poetically expressed by this funeral procession coming at me and nowhere to escape.  It made me think back upon my life: would I have any regrets?  Would I do things differently?  What would be left unfished?  Would my family be OK?

Scripture never promises us that we will avoid death.  Instead it is quite the opposite.

Proverbs 3:1-8 states that there is a season for everything in life, “A time to be born, a time to die.”

Death in this life is promised.  Our hope and glory is not the avoidance of death but that death is not the end.  Death is only the turning of a page in our story.

Moments like the icy road cause us to reflect on our lives.  If today was your last day, how would you answer the those questions?  Would you have any regrets?  Would there be anything you would have done differently?  What would be left unfished?  Did you do everything in your power to make sure your family would be OK?

As you probably guessed, my icy road experienced turned out just fine.  I pulled my car off the road into the ice as much as I dared.  The snow prevented knowing where the shoulder started and stopped.  Hoping that the shoulder didn’t drop off, I dared only so far.  It didn’t drop off!  And so I sat on the road and watched the procession of this beloved person.