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MISSION TRIPS WITHIN THE STATE – We provide opportunities within the state for short term mission trips generally 1 to 3 days for those who want to volunteer but cannot take off for a week or an extended period.

otterbein-logoCamp Otterbein Maintenance – Camp Otterbein is a West Ohio Conference sponsored camp that is home to our youth for their summer camping experience.  Being only an hour from Columbus and Grove City it is an ideal place for retreats and workshops.  There are no skills required for this mission and is a great family experience in giving back.  Adults and children 12 and up are welcome.  Children under 12 are welcome with parental participation and supervision.  Minor maintenance such as painting, cleaning, clearing brush and power washing are a large part of the needs.  There are some larger building or maintenance requirements too so all skill levels are welcome.  Sign up information will be posted in the weekly update and on tables in the great hall.Please contact David Walters at 614-419-1602 or for more information.

gwGood Works (Appalachian ministry opportunities) – We travel at least twice yearly to Athens to the Good Works facility for one day mission trips.  Adults and youth 12 and above are welcome.  There are a large variety of projects available from lawn mowing and weeding to painting to building a shed or repairing a deck.  All skill levels are welcome as this mission is as much about ministering by talking to the clients and simply listening empathetically to their stories as it is completing a project for them.  Notices will be posted in the weekly update to sign up on the Missions Bulletin Board next to the Fireside Room.   Contact person is Darrell Saunders at 614-214-6299 or at

NATIONAL OR FOREIGN MISSION OPPORTUNITIES – Once a year, generally in July, we put together a team to do mission work wherever in the world we feel our help is most needed.  Sometimes this is in the United States and sometimes overseas.  The team forms January through March and prepares from April on.  Mission team members pay for their own portion of the transportation, food and accommodations.  The church and the Mission Task Force provide for the management fees and material costs associated with the work that will be done.  This is a great opportunity for youth as well as adults to investigate missions and to see how fortunate we are to have what we do while helping those in need of our assistance.Please contact David Walters at 614-419-1602 or for more information.