serve the church

The church cannot function and reach those in our community with your heart and your service. We have all sorts of ways for you to serve the church and serve those in the surrounding community.


  • Café Help – Missions Task Force volunteers staff the Café in the main entrance every Sunday to provide donuts and coffee for donations. Donations are used to help fund Mission Task Force projects. We need people who will volunteer an hour or two a month to make coffee, restock donuts, and generally provide a welcoming persona to all who enter the building. There are four one hour opportunities each Sunday and none require any special training or skills. You can volunteer by following this link and signing up online or by contacting Debbie Petit at 614-875-2526 or
  • Greeters – contact Traci Wurschmidt,
  • Floor Guides – contact Traci Wurschmidt,
  • AV Crew (Audio/Visual Crew) – contact Traci Wurschmidt,
  • Nursery/Children/Youth volunteers – contact Pastor Brandi Blackstone,
  • Sunday School Teachers – contact Pastor Brandi Blackstone,
  • Small Group Leaders – contact Pastor Jonathan Mann,


  • GCUMC Car Show – Yearly in July/August, we hold a car show in our parking lot. The money raised is used by the Missions Task Force to support mission trips. Volunteers are needed to set up, assist in registering, facilitating car placement, and tearing down the event. A great way to assist the Missions Task Force and have fun at the same time. Contact Darrell Saunders at 614-214-6299 or at
  • Kroger Plus Cards – Kroger gives us a rebate from every penny that you spend at Kroger. Just sign up online and swipe your card when you go to Kroger. Details are available in the Café every Sunday Morning. All of the proceeds go to the Missions Task Force to help support missions teams from the church.Contact Jan Scharenberg at 614-266-0922 or at jan.scharenberg@att.netfor more information.
  • Aluminum Cans are collected by Rob and Judy Mugnier and sold to scrap dealers on a regular basis. Collect your cans and either drop them at the trailer in their back yard at 3098 Thomas Ave. or bring them to church on the days that it is announced the trailer will be in the church parking lot. All proceeds go to the Missions Task Force in support of our missions teams. Contact Rob and Judy at 614-361-4193 for more details or information.
  • Monthly Blood Drive–Monthly the church provides accommodations to the Red Cross to hold a blood drive at the church. Volunteers are needed to help with the sign up prior to the actual day of the drive and to register people as they arrive on the day of the drive. Ruth Powers is the contact person at 614-875-4570.
  • Chicken Noodle Dinner – Yearly, the United Methodist Women of the GCUMC put on a Chicken Noodle Dinner to raise funds for their charitable work. There is always a need for volunteers to help set up, prepare the food, serve and clean up.Here is a wonderful opportunity to provide a service to one of the charitable organizations within our church.


Part of our mission here at Purple Door is to reach out and be a part of our community.  We strive to find new ways to be the church in Grove City.  To pull off these large events, we need you!  To be on the large event team please contact Pastor Brandi at