small groups

Small groups are one of the best ways to develop friendships and feel a deep connection within the church. This is especially true of a church our size where it can be easy to slip in and out on a Sunday morning without ever truly becoming known or knowing others. For this reason, small groups is one of the key ministries in which we hope every person in our church will be involved. At Purple Door Church, we have many small groups that vary in size and purpose, but they all fill that deep desire we all have to connect with other believers on a significant level. One of the most common things overheard about small groups is that they have become a family where one feels like they belong and are valued. Support, friendship, and belonging are all central ideas of what small groups try to achieve.

As mentioned before, our small groups come in different sizes and purposes. Do you know how they are differentiated?  At Purple Door Church, we use three categories to describe our small groups:

Social – Social Groups are small groups that are primarily focused on the relationships within the group. They are heavily involved in doing social activities together and will often just hang out because they enjoy each other’s company. The central word that describes what a Social group is all about is the word “Belong.”

Intentional – Intentional Groups are small groups that, while still involved in social activities, are also intentionally seeking to grow deeper in their faith. Groups that are intentional will spend time in prayer as a group, do service projects together, or partake in Bible studies when they are together. The central word that describes what an Intentional group is all about is the word “Experience.”

Transformed – Transformed Groups are small groups that in addition to being involved in social activities, they are also heavily involved in prayer, service projects, Bible study, and other ways we experience Christ. These groups may adopt a specific mission or ministry to faithfully serve; they may rigorously study Scripture in depth, even wrestling with the tough parts in the Bible; or, they may be a group that faithfully lifts up our church’s prayer requests every week. While these groups may vary greatly from each other, the central word that describes what a Transformed group is about is the word “Faithful.”

Do you want to find out more about our small groups or seek information on how to join a small group? Just shoot Pastor Jonathan Mann an email at, or call the church office, 614/875-5612.