table 215

Welcome to Table 2:15!  We pray that you will encounter Christ when you come into service.  Our dream is for you to come in without any baggage so that you can truly be in the presence of Jesus without the distractions of day to day life.  Leave whatever you are walking through at the door when you walk in.

Our vision for this service is for realness, vulnerability and life change.

Our name comes from the Biblical Book of Mark, chapter 2, verse 15. This verse describes how Jesus ate at with those the rest of the world would cast aside. In the original language of Greek, the verse actually mentions Jesus “reclined at the table”- painting the picture that Jesus was not afraid to draw very close and intimate. As you read through the Gospels you notice that Jesus did this a lot during his ministry.

We are grateful for our time together on Sundays and pray that you will plug into community outside of our hour.  Getting involved outside of that time can truly help your faith grow.  We are excited to do life together!

Our service includes a family approach.  We want the children to come to worship.  We want them to know what it is like to be in church, to see what their families are doing and encounter Christ in their own way.  We have tables set up for children at the front of our worship space.  After worship, they will head to Sunday school for a lesson geared towards them.  

We hope that you come, you feel welcomed, that you encounter Christ and that you leave changed.  Join our family and come back week after week!

Opportunities to be Involved: 

Sunday Morning Worship:

11am in the Worship Center of Purple Door Church.  Come worship with us as we meet weekly to Praise God and experience Christ in our lives.