table 215

Welcome to Table 2:15!  We are a community of Christ followers who worship together and strive to live faithful lives. Table 215 Logo Words

Our name comes from the Biblical Book of Mark, chapter 2, verse 15. This verse describes how Jesus ate at with those the rest of the world would cast aside. In the original language of Greek, the verse actually mentions Jesus “reclined at the table”- painting the picture that Jesus was not afraid to draw very close and intimate. As you read through the Gospels you notice that Jesus did this a lot during his ministry.

From the beginning of our launch in December 2015, we have sought to be a community that embodies how Jesus did ministry in Mark 2:15:
We seek to become a people known for spending time at the table with those who need the presence of Christ.

We seek to become a people known for outrageous love and respect for others.

We seek to become a people known for Faith and obedience.
Whatever paths have brought you to Table 2:15, we hope that you find God’s purpose for your life and draw ever deeper into his Grace.

May we be the place where we can gather, invite, and share in Christ’s love.

Opportunities to be Involved: 

Sunday Morning Worship:

11am in the Worship Center of Purple Door Church.  Come worship with us as we meet weekly to Praise God and experience Christ in our lives.