The Love Initiative

We are not just a church where people gather in a building every Sunday, to sing songs and hear a feel-good sermon. It’s more. We believe in more than the church that takes place just inside our walls. We believe that the building is just a building, and it’s the people inside that make the difference. We believe that WE ARE THE CHURCH. INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OUR WALLS, WE. ARE. THE. CHURCH.

We are passionate about our people, and we are passionate in reaching the Community of Grove City, Ohio, with the love of Jesus Christ. We believe in serving our community in love.

That’s why, this year, we started The Love Initiative. The Love Initiative is a MOVEMENT of our church showing the LOVE of Jesus Christ to those around us … NO. STRINGS. ATTACHED.

It’s SERVING. It’s GIVING. It’s CARING. It’s being the hands and feet of Jesus to those who live in our world with the hopes of CHANGING our WORLD. Changing people’s DESTINY. Changing people’s ETERNITY by introducing them to the LOVE of Jesus Christ.

KNOW love. GIVE love. BE. love.


It STARTS with US.