March 31, 2020

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CHURCH CLOSURE: In conjunction with Federal guidelines, our church and building will be CLOSED until the end of April. At that time, we will reevaluate where we are and make further decisions at that time.

DIRECTORY PICTURES: Please note that our directory pictures have all been cancelled as of now and will be rescheduled for a later date. Please stay tuned for more info!

April Community Meal – CANCELLED.

March 17, 2020


Did you see Pastor Dennis this morning at our FB Live event? In case you missed it, we’d encourage you to scroll down or find it under our VIDEOS section. It was FULL of goodness and encouragement, which we all need in this day and time in our lives.

ONE UPDATE TO SHARE WITH YOU: As of this Friday, Mar. 20th, our church building will be CLOSED. ALL ACTIVITIES IN OUR BUILDING WILL BE CANCELLED. PDCCC will remain open as long as feasible or until the Governor orders them closed. Our church office will be closed as well.

We know these are different times. We are used to things and people being instantly accessible to us when we want or need them. PLEASE KNOW that we are still here for you as a church. We are still doing community as best as we can during this time. We will be continuing our daily Facebook Lives to keep in contact with you all – to give daily encouragement and updates. If you or someone you know has a need – or – if you’re available and willing to help in some capacity meet needs, please contact Pastor Brandi, Brandib@gcumc.org.

We WILL get through on the other side – and may we take this time to learn from it – to implement new ways and better ways of doing things. May we use this time as a time to seek God and to restore our tired and weary souls in the midst of a life that is constantly busy. If God is for us, who can be against us! We love you, church family – most importantly, God loves you and is with you.

March 16, 2020

Right now, we are going week by week as far as activities and classes that are cancelled. As always, if you can please communicate with those who may not be connected to us digitally, we are relying heavily on word of mouth to get info to that part of our congregation.


This is the cancel list for this week:

Young Adults small group

Children’s choir


MERGE – but check the Family Ministry Page for the lesson which Pastor Brandi will post

IGNITE is canceled IN PERSON for 3/22. Will meet digitally. Stay tuned for more info on this. Contact Pastor Brandi w questions.  Brandib@gcumc.org

Zumba cancelled til further notice

Boy Scouts cancelled as long as school is. MULCH DELIVERY: now scheduled for Thursday, Apr 16

Girl Scouts

After School Program cancelled through Apr 1st

Marriage Date Night postponed

Thurs morning Bible study

Martha’s Circle

Rebecca’s Circle

Dave Werner Wednesday study.


Financial Peace

March 15, 2020

Thanks to all who tuned in this morning to our Facebook Live. In case you missed it, you can watch here!

Pastor Dennis did announce that we would also be canceling services for next Sunday as well. So – just as you did today, please tune in to Facebook for a Live sermon at 11am on Sunday, Mar. 22nd, just like you did today.

Today, Pastor Dennis & Pastor Brandi challenged us in this time – asking “How Can We Be Jesus To the World Around Us?”

There are many around us who are going to be put into situations where they need help. Childcare. Financial Strain. Food. Elderly who need help with errands.

WE’RE HERE TO HELP! Our church is here to help. If you – or someone you know – has a need, we are putting together a volunteer list of people who can assist in many facets of needs in our own church community as well as those loved ones around us.

First, if you or someone you know has a need, please contact our church. You can contact Pastor Brandi, Brandib@gcumc.org. Secondly, if you would like to be added to our volunteer list of able-bodied individuals willing to help fulfill the needs of those around us, you may also email Pastor Brandi at Brandib@gcumc.org.

DAILY LIVE UPDATES: Our pastors will be going live daily on 11am on Facebook to encourage you and update you on the situation at hand. Tune in for important information!

GIVING: You can still give your weekly tithe to our church! You can go under the GIVE button here on our website, or you can download our app and give that way too!

WHO’S MEETING? WHO’S NOT? As of now, church-sponsored small groups and small meetings that happen in our church on a daily or weekly basis are still scheduled to meet as usual; however, you may want to check with the leaders of that group the day of your specified meeting to make sure it’s proceeding.

Groups from the community that meet in our church such as AA will make the call on their own as to whether or not they are meeting. You will need to check with that specific group to see if they are still meeting as usual.

PURPLE DOOR CHILD CARE CENTER: The child care is remaining open as long as it can in order to try to assist parents. However, given the situation, that could change at any time. Please be in contact directly with the child care in case you have questions, 614/801-9262.


FREE STORE IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: As of now, our Purple Door Free Store is closed and will not open to the public and will not be accepting donations at this time. We will advise you when the store re-opens.

WOMEN’S RETREAT IS POSTPONED: The women’s retreat has been postponed. We will advise you as to the rescheduled date and time when it is determined.

CHAMBER SINGERS CONCERT (was Mar. 22nd) and the WINDS CONCERT (was Mar. 15th): Both have been postponed to a date to be determined.

FAMILY MINISTRIES: Pastor Brandi will be going live daily on our Family Page with encouragement and activities for your kiddos while they’re home. We are here to partner with you during this time!

We realize these are unprecedented times … life has been disrupted to a point we’ve never known. Remember, this is a season – and we will get through this together. The church is still available to help you and here as a resource for your personal and spiritual growth. If you have a physical need, please reach out. We will do what we can to help.

This is a time we need to pull together. Check on your elderly neighbors and loved ones to see if they need anything. Pray for all of our doctors, nurses, first responders during this time – that God will place a hedge of protection around them and keep them well during this time. We need them!

Lastly, be wise, be prepared, but do not panic – don’t fear. The Bible tells us 365 times NOT to fear … that works out to a reminder every single day of the year. Now is the time we can be a people on our knees, praying for our country and it’s leaders. Won’t you join us in caring for those around us in this time …. how can YOU be Jesus to those around you?

Stay tuned for further updates …. til then, be safe and well.

March 13, 2020

Dear Purple Door Church Family,

            As you know, we are in a situation none of us have ever been in before and things are changing day by day because of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We are closely monitoring the situation in the Grove City area. Today Governor Mike DeWine issued an order banning gatherings of more than 100 people in confined spaces. That order does not affect churches. Most of the churches in the Grove City area and the state are closing. We are taking this seriously and taking every precaution. We also recognize that we are the church that our community relies on in time of need.

            This is a trying time, and we must be mindful of all who enter our doors.

            After much prayer and consulting, WE WILL BE CANCELING ALL OF OUR WORSHIP SERVICES FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 15.

         We will be providing a live-feed worship time at 11:00 am on Facebook Live which will be re-posted on our webpage.

            Currently, there are no known cases in the Columbus area although that can and likely will change very rapidly. We are making worship service decisions on a day-by-day basis.
            We are asking that if you or a family member is ill, please stay home. Also, if you are in the high-risk categories (over 60, other health-related issues, or have immune deficiencies) we urge you to strongly consider not gathering in groups. If you need to stay home instead of coming to a worship gathering, we encourage you to worship and give online with us.

            Because of the changing reality – this current plan could change. We will try to get the word out through all means possible.

            Other events may still be meeting as planned:

  • Saturday’s Community Meal will be serving meals from 4:30 – 6:00 tomorrow.
  • Sunday’s Community Winds Concert will be re-scheduled.
  • PDCCC will continue to try to keep its doors open for our parents in this crisis.
  • Free Store will be closed until after Easter, April 12.
  • Other activities may be meeting- check our Facebook page or call to confirm.

            Outreach will continue to the church and community:

  • We will be developing a network to follow up on our members who are in nursing homes or shut-ins so that we might be able to help them as needed.
  • We are looking into providing meals for students who will be out of school and not getting a meal at the school.
  • We will try to help with errand-running, child-care, or other needs. [Let us know if you are able to help volunteer with this.]
  • One of the best ways to help us love our community during the spread of illness is simply to be a good neighbor. If you live beside or are in close contact with families who have high-risk individuals in their homes, reach out to see if they need anything. Simply look for ways that you can be salt and light in the coming weeks, and commit to praying for our community and leaders.

We will be hosting a Facebook Live event each day at 11:00 am so that we may:

  • Update news and activities
  • Keep track of needs and concerns
  • Connect together spiritually
  • Pray for each other

            Remember that God has not called us to live in fear, but in faith. As the apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 1:7, For the Spirit of God does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. My prayer is that God will fill us with all of these.

            Blessings,        Pastor Dennis

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